2024 Presidential Debate Preview: Biden vs Trump Round One

The circus is coming to town, folks, and by circus, that means the first 2024 presidential debate. Watch out for Joe Biden’s cognitive high-wire act and Donald Trump’s character juggling show, as viewers tune in to see if the current commander-in-chief can make it through the two-hour spectacle without needing a nap. Meanwhile, everyone will be waiting to see if Trump can avoid triggering the liberal media by calling Biden names—no easy task considering his track record.

Independent voters, those magical unicorns the media always talks about, are apparently going to be less concerned with what each candidate plans to do about the crumbling state of the union and more interested in whether Biden can string together coherent sentences. It’s a low bar, but hey, the man has to clear it to prove he’s capable of leading the free world for another four years.

Trump, on the other hand, faces the challenge of proving he’s not the bad guy the left loves to paint him as. Will he resist the urge to go off script and deliver a stern lecture on why Biden’s policies have turned the U.S. into a mess? Will he maintain the composure the American people deserve from a leader, or will he revert to his old habits of spicing things up? Only time will tell, but it will surely be entertaining either way.

While Biden’s cognitive fitness might be the headline grabber, the real elephant in the room is policy. Immigration and border security have become Biden’s Achilles heel, far more vulnerable than the economy, which is a disaster in itself these days. Trump, ever the border hawk, doesn’t even need to try hard to hammer this point home. Biden’s policies have made sure of that, and voters know it. The crisis at the southern border is all the evidence needed to remind everyone of the disastrous direction the current administration has led the country.

Despite the left’s efforts to distract with topics like the economy and LGBTQIA+ issues, the real concerns of the day—immigration, the minimum wage, and race—have taken center stage once again. As the great debate unfolds on CNN, expect witty exchanges, a few zingers, and perhaps even a moment of clarity from Biden. If we’re lucky, Trump might just keep his cool long enough to drive home the message that America needs a course correction, and fast. So, grab the popcorn and get ready for a showdown because this debate promises to be anything but dull.

Written by Staff Reports

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