Biden Uses Defense Act to Cripple US Energy with Solar Push

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the Biden administration is doubling down on its misguided obsession with so-called clean energy, hammering America’s energy security in the process. Using the Defense Production Act (which should be protecting our defenses, not undercutting them), Joe Biden and his cronies have declared war on fossil fuels by pushing the production of solar panels, building insulation, and heat pumps.

This disastrous policy aims to convert America into a land of solar panels and PVC pipes, all under the illusion of reducing dependence on oil and gas. The real kicker here is that by prioritizing these expensive and unreliable clean energy technologies, Biden’s bureaucrats are planning to slap even tighter regulations on oil and gas production. This means more red tape, higher compliance costs, and fewer drilling permits—all of which could choke the life out of America’s booming fossil fuel industry.

Moreover, this greenwashed campaign dangles the promise of creating green jobs and reducing energy costs. But key industries and investors may be driven away from oil and gas, leaving America’s energy security hanging by a thread. As money floods into solar panels and wind turbines, we could see investments in oil and gas projects plummet, leading to fewer new developments and making the U.S. less competitive globally.

President Biden’s aggressive push doesn’t stop at just regulations. He’s also pulling in billions from the ironically named Inflation Reduction Act, which pours ungodly sums into the renewable sector. This has shaken investors, making oil and gas projects less appealing, and diverting capital into dubious ventures like hydrogen and solar energy.

Those industries that stand to gain from this government-backed overreach include manufacturers of high-efficiency appliances and, unsurprisingly, solar energy firms. According to Biden’s cronies, the domestic solar manufacturing capacity is expected to triple by January 2025. Sure, this might create some green jobs, but it comes at the expense of traditional energy sectors and our nation’s overall economic stability.

While Biden’s lackeys tout economic growth and lower energy costs as benefits, the administration’s heavy-handed approach will continue to make the American oil and gas sector less attractive to investors. It’s a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Investors seeking to navigate through Biden’s hostile landscape may need to look into the few vertically integrated solar companies, like SolarBank, for growth opportunities.

So if you’re looking to survive and maybe even thrive during Biden’s green crusade, you might want to explore companies such as SolarBank. Thanks to this disastrous energy policy, those in the solar industry could see their fortunes change dramatically in the coming years. To get the inside track on this trend, dive into SolarBank and understand how federal meddling could push their stock through the roof.

Written by Staff Reports

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