Trump Set to Challenge Biden on Immigration and Economy in Upcoming Debate

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are set to clash in the first presidential debate this week, and American voters are eagerly Googling election-related topics. Google Trends has rolled out a high-tech tracker revealing the top issues on everyone’s minds: wages, healthcare, crime, unemployment, and the Supreme Court.

But wait, there’s more. A team-up between the Associated Press and Google Trends showcases another tracker, confirming that crime, Social Security, healthcare, unemployment, immigration, the economy, minimum wage, abortion, race, and LGBT concerns have Americans typing away furiously.

Crime and immigration are dominating the digital conversation, proving once again that Americans are sick and tired of the lawlessness and border chaos brought on by Biden’s open door policies. Despite the left trying to shove social issues like LGBT rights and race down everyone’s throats, searches on these topics show a dip in the last ten days. Meanwhile, the focus on immigration, minimum wage, and—you guessed it—race is on the rise.

All this sets the stage for Trump to hammer Biden on two of the most glaring disasters of his administration: illegal immigration and economic mismanagement. The Commander-in-Chief is expected to sidestep any deep dives into these hot-button topics, likely opting instead to make abortion his shield and sword as he continues his fearmongering campaign against Trump.

The contrast couldn’t be more clear. On one side, there’s Trump, gearing up to tackle the real issues wreaking havoc on everyday Americans. On the other, Biden, who’s likely to cling to talking points about social issues while ignoring the elephant in the room—his awful track record. Popcorn, anyone? This debate promises fireworks.

Written by Staff Reports

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