82-Year-Old’s Fiery Stand Against Eviction Ends in Tragedy

In a fiery and tragic turn of events on Monday, 82-year-old Anthony Goulding decided to make a blazing statement rather than face eviction in Oklahoma County. KFOR 4 News brought the scoop on this hair-raising incident that set the neighborhood ablaze.

As police body camera footage revealed, Goulding seemed to prefer going up in flames along with his property instead of complying with the eviction notice. The video caught the old man in action, brandishing a red gas can and causing a fiery commotion that left everyone in shock.

Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook that Goulding lost his life in the inferno he ignited. R.I.P. Goulding – something went terribly wrong to result in such a drastic decision.

Despite the harrowing circumstances, it’s a silver lining that Goulding’s wife, who battles Parkinson’s disease, was whisked to safety by law enforcement in the nick of time. Kudos to the deputies for their swift actions in rescuing her from the flames.

In the face of this tragedy, it’s a relief to hear that the deputies involved in the eviction notice were not severely hurt. One had minor burns, but nothing that won’t heal with time. These brave men and women put their lives on the line daily to protect and serve, and incidents like these highlight the dangers they face.

Let this be a cautionary tale for those who think they’re above the law. Eviction isn’t a joke, and setting fire to your own home is no way to handle your problems. It’s a sad day when someone’s stubbornness leads to such a devastating outcome.

Written by Staff Reports

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