Abortion Must END… Why Conservatives are Proudly PRO-LIFE!

Our values, ideals, and very selves are largely shaped by our upbringing. The principles we were taught by our parents as children are often the ones we live by as adults. So, if asked why I am Pro-Life, I will point to the lessons I received early in life.

I was taught the value of life at a young age. From Sunday School songs that reflected themes like “we are all precious in His sight.” He is stronger than they.” Our creator gave us all the gift of life. Only God could take it away.

Let me state that I am not naive enough to think that everyone shares my strong religious and sanctity of life beliefs. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, everyone recognizes that life is precious and a gift. That’s why I despise abortion.

person holding red Stop Abortion Now signage

It baffles me how someone could think abortion is a choice or an issue of privacy. There are numerous of reasons why abortion should be legal, but one simple reality stands out: abortion kills an innocent human heart beat.

Since the Roe vs. Wade judgment, an estimated 55 million babies have been aborted in the US.


Some in our country even celebrate it. How do you celebrate the loss of life, possibility, and innocence?

Many of us on the Pro-Life side are accused of being sexist or outdated for not supporting a woman’s freedom to choose. The 55 million aborted newborns included 27 million girls. Abortion is not a pro-woman issue.

Pro-lifers have obligations. It’s not enough to just claim you’re pro-life. Unplanned pregnancies require support. They need help. A loving shoulder to weep on.

Adoption is an option for moms who cannot keep their child. I have always supported foster care and organizations that help youngsters find permanent families. On behalf of Kids To Love Foundation, I submitted a national Angels in Adoption nomination last year. They have helped thousands of foster children find loving, caring families in my district.

Our country has won two world wars. We put 12 men on the moon. Unlike any other country, we have advanced and enhanced others’ lives. Is it possible for a civilized, evolved society to condone policies that kill innocent people?

I’ve talked a lot to summarize something quite basic. That’s why. I am pro-life because it is right.

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