Activist Judge Enables Harm to Kids, Sides with Trans Agenda Over DeSantis Law

An activist judge has blocked aspects of a Florida law banning the use of puberty blockers on minors, claiming that the state has no rational basis for stopping minors from transitioning. Judge Robert Hinkle approved a temporary restraining order on the law, allowing three transgender minors to continue receiving puberty blockers. However, the law was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis to protect children from the potential harm and side effects of these drugs. It appears the judge could not care less about the well-being of children.

The judge’s decision raises serious questions about the legislation, which was designed to protect minors from physical and psychological harm. The move also suggests that the judge has a clear agenda in mind that is not necessarily in sync with the majority of Americans who are conservatives. Instead, the judge has decided to side with transgender activists who care more about their ideology than the safety of children.

The judge went on to declare that gender identity is real, which suggests that he puts feelings above facts. He also claimed that those who supported the law were bigoted, which is a tired and well-worn mantra used by the left to silence anyone who disagrees with them. The ruling also completely ignores the fact that 99% of people are born either male or female, with the other less than 1% having legitimate medical conditions. Lawyers representing the medical defendants have even admitted such a reality.

State Rep. Randy Fine, who sponsored the legislation, criticized the ruling and declared that he will continue fighting to protect children. It’s clear that the judge’s decision only serves to put innocent children in harm’s way and puts transgender ideology above children’s safety. Governor DeSantis signed the law to protect children from possible irreversible damage caused by puberty blockers and surgery, yet the activist judge has thrown caution to the wind. It seems that some judges care more about their personal biases than upholding the law.

Written by Staff Reports

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