Biden Knew: Ignored Ukraine’s Pipeline Plot, Put US & Allies at Risk!

The evidence of Ukraine’s involvement in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline bombing is mounting, and now it seems that the Biden administration knew about the planned sabotage three months prior to the attack. The disclosure of this information raises concerns about the administration’s lack of action to prevent the attack and about their intentions regarding Ukraine.

It is interesting to note that the Biden administration opposed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline publicly, and yet they lifted pipeline sanctions imposed by the Trump administration. This shows that the Biden administration is not interested in protecting America’s energy interests or our allies in Europe. Instead, they are willing to be complicit in the undermining of Europe’s energy infrastructure.

The fact that Ukrainian officials have not commented on the recent revelations only lends weight to the suspicions of their involvement. It is evident that the Biden administration is turning a blind eye to this situation, and it raises questions about their true motives. Ukraine’s eagerness to bring the fight to Russia’s territory is reckless and puts the United States and its NATO allies in danger.

The recent revelations about the Nord Stream 2 sabotage are a reminder that the Biden administration cannot be trusted to prioritize America’s interests. It is only through the vigilant protection of our energy infrastructure that we can ensure that our country remains safe and prosperous.

Written by Staff Reports

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