DC Plane Crash Cover-Up: What Lib Media Won’t Tell You About GOP Donor’s Tragic Loss

Liberal media outlets are trying to obscure the tragic incident involving a plane that crashed in the Washington DC area. The aircraft was reportedly flying erratically and had no response to radio calls. Residents in the area heard a loud boom when two F-16s were deployed to patrol the skies over the nation's capital. The aircraft was registered to a man named John Rumpel.

Rumpel and his wife Barbara are prominent members of the Republican Party, and they have contributed to various groups, including the Trump Victory PAC and the NRA. Unfortunately, their granddaughter and daughter were on the plane that crashed. The pilot and a nanny were also onboard the aircraft, and they all died. According to Mr. Rumpel, they all just went to sleep, hoping that no one would get hurt.

According to NBC News, the pilot of the plane appeared to be unresponsive as he flew over Washington D.C. Fighter pilots saw him slumped over the aircraft. The plane crashed in Virginia after taking off from Tennessee. All four people on board were killed. The controllers at the control tower in Tennessee had asked the plane to stop its climb to around 33,000 feet.

The plane was heading toward Long Island. It then turned around and flew south again, prompting fighter jets to chase it.

The media did not talk about the presence of Adina Azarian and her daughter Aria in the plane. The crash occurred in a remote area of Virginia, and it could take days for investigators to examine the debris field. The incident is the type of thing that the liberal media would rather obscure.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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