AI Chooses Woke Doom over Reality, Cops Cave to Pronoun Police

The recent viral experiment by The Rabbit Hole has provided a shocking and unsettling glimpse into the invasive influence of transgender ideology on society. It exposes the distorted priorities of those who design artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The experiment involved asking Google’s Gemini chatbot if it would be justified to misgender Caitlyn Jenner in order to prevent a nuclear apocalypse. Shockingly, the response indicated a preference for global destruction over potentially offending Jenner by using incorrect pronouns. This demonstrates a disturbing level of adherence to the ludicrous demands of gender identity ideology.

Furthermore, the contagion of woke culture has infested even the training programs for law enforcement. The North Carolina Department of Justice is altering the required Basic Law Enforcement Training course to include gender-neutral language lessons. Recruits will now be mandated to use gender-neutral terms when interacting with the public and are instructed to use individuals’ names instead of traditional forms of address such as “sir” or “ma’am.” Additionally, the course will reference an article listing 68 gender identity-related terms and will substantially increase the number of training hours required for certification.

However, these changes come at the expense of essential training in core areas such as constitutional law, first responder protocols, crime prevention, and patrol techniques. The emphasis on using correct pronouns has taken precedence over crucial aspects of law enforcement training, displaying a dangerously misplaced sense of priority within the government.

Notably, this ideological shift is not isolated to North Carolina. Police officers in El Paso, Texas, are now mandated to request and utilize an individual’s preferred name and pronouns during interactions with the public. This misplaced focus on pronouns over more pressing law enforcement concerns is a worrying trend that has serious implications for public safety.

The prioritization of pronouns over people, both in AI systems and law enforcement training, is a concerning development that reflects the encroachment of misguided ideology into crucial societal institutions. The potential consequences of this ideological intrusion are alarming, and the need to push back against this cultural shift is becoming increasingly urgent.

This alarming takeover by woke ideology is a grim reminder of the importance of standing up against the leftist media and the corrupt elites. The fight for truth and genuine democratic processes is imperative now more than ever – and it’s a fight that cannot be waged alone. With Big Tech’s grip on information becoming increasingly tight, the battle to safeguard the integrity of the upcoming 2024 election has never been more critical. Standing together to expose corruption and deliver vital truth to the American people is essential for the preservation of the country we love.

Written by Staff Reports

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