AOC Accuses Republicans of Fascism Amid Democrat Expulsion

Far-left Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has once again shown her true colors as a radical leftist by accusing Republicans of “fascism,” according to Fox News. The reason for her baseless accusations? The Tennessee House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans, voted to expel two Democrat members, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, who participated in a disruptive gun reform protest during House proceedings. One might say it was merely enforcing decorum rules.

But AOC, true to form, decided to sling baseless insults instead of engaging in productive dialogue. She tweeted that “Republicans may think they won today in Tennessee, but their fascism is only further radicalizing and awakening an earthquake of young people, both in the South and across the nation.”

It’s clear that AOC, who touts herself as an advocate for youth, is advocating for radicalism and uncivil behavior. She supports the type of mob behavior seen in videos of student-led protests and chants of “**** you fascists.” And yet, she has the audacity to accuse her political opponents of being the ones who incite violence.

Many Twitter users were quick to point out the absolute hypocrisy of AOC’s comments. She doesn’t seem to know that “fascism” is actually a LEFTIST ideology, one much closer to her own views than to conservative perspectives. It relies on a strong, centralized government – something that the Republican party actively works to prevent. Some even suggested AOC does not actually know what the term means.

The fact that AOC resorts to baseless accusations instead of engaging in productive dialogue is not surprising to anyone who is familiar with her radical leftist policies. The old adage “do not throw stones from a house made of glass” certainly applies to AOC in this situation. It’s time for her to put down the stones and work towards productive solutions instead of taking part in uncivilized behavior.

Written by Staff Reports

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