Fauci FINALLY Admits He Was Wrong About Masks

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the once-untouchable Covid guru, has finally admitted he was wrong about something. No, not that he misled the public about the origins of the virus or that he pushed gain-of-function research that may have created the pandemic in the first place. He admitted he was wrong to downplay the effectiveness of masks during the Covid pandemic – something that countless conservatives have been saying for years.

But before anyone gets too excited about this long-awaited mea culpa, it’s worth noting that a recent study has revealed masks don’t do much to stop the spread of Covid in hospitals, anyway. The study, carried out in London, found no statistically significant difference in Covid transmission rates between those who wore masks and those who didn’t.

Of course, this isn’t the first time this has been the case. In fact, over 25 scientific studies from 2021 alone have shown that masks are “ineffective in reducing transmission” of the coronavirus, according to the American Institute of Economic Research. But hey, better late than never for Fauci to finally admit the truth, right?

It’s almost comical to think about how much the left hyped up masks as some kind of golden bullet against Covid. They even went as far as to criticize conservatives for not wearing masks and called them “science deniers”. Meanwhile, while the left was busy virtue signaling, conservatives were the ones pointing out the lack of evidence supporting mask mandates and the fact that masks are largely ineffective in stopping the spread of Covid.

In conclusion, it’s nice to see that even Dr. Fauci was forced to admit the truth about the ineffectiveness of masks in terms of stopping transmission of the Covid-19 virus. And it’s also worth noting that it is the conservatives who were correct all along about this issue, and the left is now in the awkward position of having to walk back their previous claims.

Written by Staff Reports

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