AP Slams Musk for Twitter Changes, Ignores Own Woke Language Hypocrisy

Last week, the biased Associated Press published a smear article targeting Elon Musk, after Twitter changed its name to “X” and replaced “tweets” with “posts.” In their typical fashion, the AP claimed that Twitter was once a “safe space” until Musk took over and suggested that changing language was a complex matter.

But let’s not ignore the irony in this headline, folks. The AP subtly implies that altering terminology is ill-advised, citing the fact that we’ve been “tweeting” for over a decade, while conveniently ignoring their own role in upending centuries-old English language norms. They shamelessly allowed the use of “they/them” as singular pronouns for those who don’t conform to traditional genders.

And that’s not all. The AP’s stylebook promotes scientifically confusing phrases like “gender-affirming care” instead of transgender surgery, “sex assigned at birth,” and “pregnant people” (as if anyone other than women can get pregnant). They also cater to various gender identities, all to appease a minuscule percentage of the population. Heaven forbid if you slip up and use the wrong gender language because the AP will shame you for it!

It gets even worse, my friends. The AP’s universally recognized press stylebook, embraced by universities and media companies alike, also openly supports so-called youth transgender medical treatment and transgender athletes competing in their chosen gender. They even provide guidelines for puberty blockers and hormone treatments for young individuals. It’s astounding how they push these controversial ideas while lecturing us on language.

But here’s the kicker. The AP conveniently quotes Nick Bilton, the author of a book about Twitter’s origins, who states that “language can’t be controlled” and “you don’t get to decide it.” How hypocritical! The AP is the one enforcing language through their stylebook, rather than letting the majority decide what words to use.

Let’s be clear, the AP and other woke news conglomerates love to frame policies and bills opposing the infiltration of LGBTQ language and transgender care in schools as taking away the “rights” of transgender individuals. These rulings are simply a defense against the agenda of a small group who seek to avoid offense at all costs. Elon Musk, on the other hand, has every right to change the name of his company and its terminology.

While the AP is correct that Musk can’t dictate how people use the word “tweet” and that adopting the new name “X” might be challenging for users, their argument falls flat. They acknowledge that “tweet” is just a little over 10 years old, yet they expect us to abandon generations of established language for the sake of political correctness. It’s a double standard, plain and simple.

And let’s not overlook how the AP subtly attacks Musk by implying that Twitter had a friendly brand image before his takeover. They mention the blue bird icon representing Twitter as a “friendly place,” as opposed to Musk’s imposed “X” symbol. This language is clearly meant to undermine Musk’s decisions and cast doubt on the future of the platform.

Folks, it’s clear that the AP’s article is nothing more than biased propaganda. They have an agenda to push, and it’s nauseating to see them use their platform to attack individuals who exercise their right to make changes. We must question the motives behind these news outlets and recognize their thinly veiled attempts to manipulate public opinion. Stay vigilant, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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