Apple Crashes Out of EV Race, Puts Brakes on Secret Car Project

News just in! Apple’s much-anticipated venture into self-driving electric vehicles has come to a screeching halt after a decade of pumping resources into the project. The tech giant had been undercover with this endeavor, keeping it hush-hush while laboring away with about two thousand employees on board.

Despite the massive investment of time and labor, it turns out Apple’s foray into the EV game didn’t pay off as expected, and now they’re shelving the whole shebang. No public acknowledgment, no steering wheel-less prototype, nada. An Apple spokesperson sealed their lips in response to inquiries, leaving everyone in the dark about their next move.

This bombshell revelation, first divulged by Bloomberg, couldn’t have come at a worse time for Apple, as the electric vehicle realm struggles to maintain momentum. Even Tesla—who’s usually like the cool kid on the block—recently laid it on thick about dragging sales and battling fierce competition.

The Financial Times adds some extra spice, noting that Apple’s about-face on cars moseys in tandem with a shift towards investing in generative AI. There’s a buzz among investors about when Apple will jazz up its smartphones to compete with the likes of Samsung and Google. Hey, anything’s fair game when it comes to the tech tug-of-war. Plus, Apple’s been splurging like there’s no tomorrow on R&D, dishing out a jaw-dropping $30 billion the previous year alone. Yeah, that’s billion with a ‘B’!

Seems like this Apple car fiasco had been hush-hush under the moniker “Special Projects Group,” tucked deep inside Tim Cook’s Project Titan. Initially, whispers spoke of a swanky fully autonomous whip minus the traditional pedal and wheel setup. But hold your horses—rumor has it the verdict was still out on whether they could sashay into the EV arena with a winning concept. Spoiler alert: the jury’s still out.

Glimmer of hope or nail in the coffin? Tech honcho Ray Wang charmed the BBC, giving Apple a pat on the back for bidding adieu to their EV project—”a smart and long-awaited decision,” he quipped. Moneybags Elon Musk, of Tesla fame, just had to chime in with a couple of snazzy emojis on X (formerly Twitter), giving Apple a nod and a wink over their car calamity.

Written by Staff Reports

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