Axelrod Warns Biden’s Pride Could Cost Him Election Despite Economic Gains

Democratic strategist David Axelrod criticized President Biden’s economic communication, suggesting his pride might hurt his chances in the next election. Despite the economy improving under Biden’s leadership after the pandemic, Axelrod argued that the president’s assertion that the tough times are over doesn’t align with the public’s perception, as indicated by polling data.

Axelrod stated that although the world faced an economic crisis due to the pandemic, the U.S. has rebounded faster than other countries. However, he emphasized that people perceive the economy through the lens of living expenses, and suggested that Biden, known for his empathy, should prioritize leading with empathy in his messaging.

Axelrod cautioned that Biden’s failure in the next election might not be due to Donald Trump, but rather his own pride. Additionally, a recent Reuters/Ipsos survey revealed that 41 percent of respondents trust Trump’s economic approach, whereas 34 percent said the same of Biden’s.

Written by Staff Reports

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