Biden and AOC’s Constitution Blunders: SCOTUS Knowledge on Display!

Biden and AOC just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to the Constitution and the Supreme Court. Their recent comments show a lack of understanding and a disregard for the rule of law. It’s no wonder they are clueless when it comes to these matters.

First, let’s talk about Biden. He said that the Supreme Court decision on affirmative action should not be the last word. But that’s exactly what the Supreme Court is – the last word on legal matters. The Court makes the final decision, even if we don’t always agree with it. But Biden, always the sore loser, attacked the Court and questioned its legitimacy. It’s not surprising coming from a guy who doesn’t seem to understand the rule of law.

Biden also claimed that the Court cannot change what America stands for. Well, America stands for the rule of law, something that Biden seems to be questioning. He conveniently forgets that the Court was right to toss out the discrimination against Asian-Americans in this case. But Biden would have kept that discrimination in place. He’s more interested in pushing his own agenda than upholding the Constitution.

And let’s not forget that Biden couldn’t even get his facts straight. He quoted the Declaration of Independence but claimed it was from the Constitution. How embarrassing for someone who is supposed to be the leader of our nation. It just shows his lack of knowledge and understanding.

Now let’s turn to AOC. She called the Court “anti-Democratic,” which is pretty hilarious considering the Court is not supposed to be democratic. It’s supposed to follow the rule of law as outlined in the Constitution. But AOC doesn’t seem to understand that. She thinks the Court should be more embracing of her own interpretation of the Constitution, even though she gets it wrong herself. She accuses the Court of not viewing all people as equal, but that’s exactly what the Court did in this case. It said that colleges should not discriminate based on race. It’s AOC and the Democrats who are not embracing the idea that all people are created equal.

AOC also made a comment about legacy admissions at Harvard, claiming that if the Court was serious about being colorblind, they would have abolished legacy admissions. But here’s the thing – the case had nothing to do with legacy admissions. AOC doesn’t seem to understand that the Court can only rule on matters before them. They can’t just make up new cases to rule on. And her comment about 70 percent of legacy applicants being white is irrelevant. They are admitted because they have family connections, not because they are white. AOC fails to understand the legal question at hand – racial discrimination.

All of these comments from Biden and AOC just go to show how little they understand about the Constitution and the Supreme Court. They have their own agenda and are willing to disregard the rule of law to push it. It’s a dangerous mindset to have, especially for people in positions of power. We need leaders who respect and uphold the Constitution, not ones who try to twist it to fit their own narrative.

Source: RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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