Biden Backs Israel in Clash, Offers Full Support against Hamas!

President Biden’s response to the attacks in Israel is being closely scrutinized by conservatives, who are accusing him of sending mixed messages. In a call with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Biden condemned the attacks and promised to provide support to the country. However, earlier in the day, a now-deleted post from the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs called for all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. This contradictory message has sparked outrage among conservatives.

Leading the charge against Biden is Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and his National Security Advisor, Omri Ceren. They both condemned the deleted post, with Cruz demanding the expulsion of those responsible. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana also joined in, criticizing Biden for his hostage swap deal with Iran. The deal unfroze $6 billion in oil revenue, which critics argue has ended up in the hands of Hamas, a group supported by Iran.

This controversy comes at a time when Israel is facing ongoing attacks from Hamas militants. The assaults have caused significant chaos, resulting in numerous casualties and injuries. As a response, Prime Minister Netanyahu has declared war on the militant group. President Biden reaffirmed his support for Israel’s security and emphasized their right to defend themselves against terrorism. However, his administration’s conflicting statements have raised concerns among conservatives about the consistency of their approach.

In the midst of this criticism, it is clear that Biden’s handling of the situation in Israel is under intense scrutiny. Conservatives are calling for a more decisive and unwavering stance against the attacks, as they question the implications of the administration’s messaging and its dealings with Iran. The controversy surrounding the deleted post and the allegations of funding going to militant groups have only added fuel to the fire. As tensions continue to escalate, Biden is sure to face increased pressure to address these concerns head-on.

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