Trump Predicted Iranian Terror Strikes a Month Ago

In a dire warning last month, President Donald Trump criticized the prisoner exchange between the Iranian regime and the Biden Administration. As part of the exchange, the Biden Administration allowed Iran to access over $6 billion in frozen funds, which were previously held due to US sanctions against the Islamic Republic. In return, Iran released five American citizens and five Iranians held in US jails.

Trump condemned the deal, expressing concern that the funds could be used for terrorist activities. He also criticized the timing of the announcement, which took place on September 11th, a day of great significance for Americans. Trump emphasized that paying for hostages would only encourage more kidnapping, ransom, and blackmail against Americans worldwide. He pointed out his own success in freeing hostages without paying any money.

Now, a month after Trump’s statement, a wave of Iranian terror attacks has left 600 Israelis dead and more than 100 hostages taken. In response, Trump released another statement, acknowledging Iran’s likely involvement in the attacks. He expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself and criticized the Biden Administration for allegedly funding these attacks with American taxpayer dollars. Trump mentioned the Abraham Accords, which he claimed brought peace to the Middle East, only to see Biden undermine the progress made.

The attacks have devastated Israeli civilians and military personnel, with over 100 civilians, including children and the elderly, being kidnapped. More than 500 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip in this recent attack, far surpassing the numbers from the previous conflict in 2021.

Hamas, the militant group responsible for the attacks, claimed to have captured Israeli soldiers and shared videos on social media as evidence. CNN verified these videos, suggesting the capture of at least one soldier. The IDF released the names of 44 soldiers who were reportedly killed in the attack. Hamas stated that their fighters were still present in southern Israeli cities and were supporting them with rocket fire in various locations.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the attacks by Hamas had been planned in advance with assistance from Iranian security officials. Hamas and Hezbollah members confirmed the involvement of Iranian officials and praised Iran’s support. In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, celebrated the attacks and expressed his belief in the eradication of the “usurper Zionist regime.”

Written by Staff Reports

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