Biden Blunders Israel Response! Kirby Scrambles, Promises Ukraine Aid Veto Next?

John Kirby, the spokesperson for the White House, had to do some serious damage control during a press briefing after Joe Biden’s recent blunders. First, Biden mistakenly referred to the hostages in Gaza as prisoners, which plays right into Hamas propaganda. Kirby had to step in and clarify that there are no prisoners in Gaza, just hostages. It’s ridiculous that the president doesn’t even know the basic facts of the situation.

Another major blunder was Biden’s claim that he negotiated a ceasefire with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Kirby had to set the record straight and admit that there was never a ceasefire. Biden just made up the claim to try to appease a protester. It’s embarrassing that the president would make such a blatant lie.

But perhaps the most infuriating news from the briefing was Biden’s pledge to veto any Israeli aid package that isn’t coupled with aid to Ukraine. This is a completely indefensible decision. The situations in Israel and Ukraine are completely different, and they should not be tied together. It’s an example of political blackmail that voters hate about Washington.

It’s clear that Biden is being influenced by the radical left in his party, and it’s leading to inconsistent messaging and misguided policies. Watching Kirby try to explain away these blunders is like watching a man lose his soul. It’s a sad and pathetic scene. The American people deserve better than this.

Written by Staff Reports

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