Biden Blunders: Sub Tragedy Exposed Amid Coverup Claims!

The recent news of the tragic loss of OceanGate Inc.’s Titan submersible and its crew has now been met with new revelations showing how faulty the Biden administration is in handling classified information. According to The Wall Street Journal, the US Navy had detected what it suspected was the sound of an implosion hours after the sub began its mission. This information wasn’t shared with the public until several days later. Was it because they could not confirm what they heard or were they trying to protect the families of those onboard? The article does not say.

Twitter was quick to theorize that the Biden administration was withholding information until after the Hunter Biden plea deal and the whistleblower reports were released. Although there is no hard evidence behind this claim, the corruption of the Biden administration has been on full display for the American people to see.

Many people, including prominent users, quickly theorized that the explorers were foolhardy for attempting such a mission in a craft with known safety concerns. However, we should focus on the five victims and their families who are left to mourn this tragic loss. Our hearts go out to them during this difficult time.

In addition, the Biden administration continues to prove its incompetence in handling important and sensitive information and acting upon it. We need leaders who will prioritize the safety of Americans and our national security. The recent avoidable loss of life is a testament to that. It’s time for a change and for America to have a leader that is strong and has our best interest in mind.

Written by Staff Reports

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