Biden Bribe Bombshell! Grassley Exposes Secret Audio & FBI Cover-Up

The fake news media and the corrupt Democrat Party have been trying their hardest to ignore the bribe accusations against Joe Biden. However, the evidence clearly shows that their innocence is decaying like a rusted car. Sen. Chuck Grassley, a great American patriot from Iowa, came forward to reveal that the foreign national who paid off Joe and his son Hunter Biden has kept audio recordings that would put the Bidens in trouble.

Grassley, in his righteous speech in the Senate, disclosed that the Burisma executive kept 17 recordings as “insurance policies” against the Bidens. The recordings capture his conversations with Hunter Biden about bribery attempts and Joe’s involvement. Moreover, the foreign national has audio recordings of two phone calls between then-Vice President Joe Biden and himself, making the charges against the Bidens all the more bothersome.

The FBI had the FD-1023 form signed by a “highly credible” confidential human source who had meetings with the Burisma executive. This document reveals that $5 million had been transferred to both Joe and Hunter Biden in exchange for political favors, including influencing U.S. policy decisions and stopping investigations into Burisma. If this is not a smoking gun, Republicans don’t know what is.

Grassley stated that the FD-1023 form had a redacted reference showing the existence of fifteen audio recordings of phone calls between Hunter Biden and the foreign national. The question that needs answers is why the FBI omitted such critical information. Was it to cover up the evidence against the Bidens? The now-free media won’t discuss this vital question.

To top that all off, the FD-1023 form discloses a new piece of information about Joe Biden’s Burisma involvement. As Vice President, he apparently influenced Burisma to appoint his son to their board. This shows not only a clear conflict of interest but also the extent of Joe Biden’s influence in Ukraine.

The FBI caved in and showed the FD-1023 form to the House Oversight Committee after threatening them with a subpoena. The delay in showing the form only raises further doubts about the FBI’s intentions and their connection with the Bidens.

The bottom line is that these recordings are evidence of pay-to-play corruption that the Bidens are unable to deny. Grassley’s revelations made it tough for the liberal media and the Democrats to downplay these bribery allegations. The fake news media’s disdainful silence and the Democrat’s desperation to protect Biden only confirm their corruption and unethical conduct.

Written by Staff Reports

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