Trump Faces Trial: Dems Gloat, GOP Holds Breath, Miami Prepares for MAGApocalypse

Former President Donald Trump arrived in Miami on Monday afternoon to attend his arraignment hearing the following day, where he will be charged with 37 felony counts related to mishandling classified documents and obstructing investigations. The charges against Trump have left Democrats feeling vindicated and Republicans on edge, as they rally behind the candidate who is still leading in the polls for the GOP 2024 nomination. Despite the charges, MAGA supporters have already gathered outside the Trump National Doral resort in Miami to show their support for their leader.

Miami is bracing itself for possible protests, with Miami Police Chief Manny Morales expressing his readiness to handle any demonstration that may arise. Reports also suggest that Trump may fly to his New Jersey golf resort after the hearing to deliver a press conference in which he will presumably fire back at those who have accused him of wrongdoing. The trial’s outcome could be delayed, with conspiracy theorists suggesting that Trump may find it hard to find new lawyers after his current legal team resigned.

Though the charges against Trump seem severe, his supporters remain loyal to him. One Miami resident, Ruth Swanson, even went so far as to say she believed that the charges constituted a witch hunt, as feelings run high between the two opposing factions. It is unclear who will represent Trump in court since the lead lawyers that defended him concerning the classified documents resigned on Friday. Trump will likely use another lawyer in his orbit, Todd Blanche. However, there is some debate over whether Blanche meets all the necessary requirements to represent the former president in a Florida court.

The sight of a former president standing trial at the behest of Joe Biden’s Department of Justice will be a huge news day for conservatives. Despite the gaslighting from CNN and FOX News, Democrats will not derail the Republican Party’s support for Trump. Trump’s supporters have not forgotten that Biden and his son, Hunter, have managed to escape accountability for their actions while in the White House. The charges against Trump are merely another ploy to prevent him from taking the country back from the liberal establishment.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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