Biden Busted? GOP Finds 327 Emails Tying Joe to Hunter’s Deals!

As Democrats and the mainstream media persist in denying any wrongdoing by President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, House Republicans are intensifying their investigation. A recent press release from the House Ways and Means Committee underscores their findings, presenting a wealth of evidence linking the president to his son's global business ventures.

According to the Committee, they have unearthed 327 emails indicating communication between Joe Biden and Hunter's business associates, revealing that the former vice president even employed an alias in some exchanges. Notably, a substantial portion of these emails exclusively involved Joe Biden and one of Hunter's business partners, Eric Schwerin, responsible for structuring the family's alleged money-laundering shell companies worldwide. This contradicts the Biden administration's narrative that seeks to distance the president from his son's business dealings.

Moreover, the release asserts that "Joe Biden actively participated in his son’s business dealings" and undertook official actions linked to the Biden family business. The Committee highlights recently disclosed emails where Hunter Biden refers to Joe as his family's "only asset," signaling a more intricate involvement of the president in his son's business affairs than previously acknowledged.

The press release also draws attention to Hunter Biden's former business associate, Devon Archer, who was reportedly hired for his "political weight." Archer testified under oath about Joe Biden being "the brand," suggesting the Biden family exploited their political influence for personal gain, contradicting their public image.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) emphasized these findings, pointing out the inconsistencies between the evidence and statements from the president and his administration. Smith highlighted the evolving narratives from the Bidens as more evidence surfaces, contrasting Hunter Biden's press conference claims with documentation obtained from IRS whistleblowers, which allegedly disproves them.

The accumulating evidence has sparked public concern, with a majority of Americans expressing apprehensions about the president's purported involvement in his son's business dealings. Recent polls reveal that a significant portion of the public believes President Biden may have engaged in something "unethical" or "illegal" related to Hunter's business activities.

In addition to the House Ways and Means Committee, the House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer (R-KY), is also delving into the Biden family's business affairs. Comer discussed further evidence during an appearance on "The Verdict," including testimony from Devon Archer alleging that the former mayor of Moscow’s wife paid Hunter $3.5 million and then met with Joe Biden for lunch. These claims raise serious questions about the Bidens' connections to foreign entities and potential conflicts of interest.

House Republicans' ongoing investigations continue to unveil troubling information about the Biden family's business dealings, heightening speculation about the president's connection to his son's activities. With mounting evidence and increased public scrutiny, the Bidens' explanations appear to be unraveling, prompting many to question the integrity of the administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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