Biden Campaign Falsely Attacks Fox News Anchor Over Trump’s Insulin Price Cap Success

Fox News’ John Roberts recently found himself under fire from the Biden campaign, specifically the “Biden-Harris HQ” Twitter account, for allegedly spreading false information about Trump and insulin prices. This attack from the Biden camp is just another example of their desperation to discredit anything related to their political opponents, even when the facts don’t support their claims.

Roberts swiftly responded to the accusation with concrete evidence to back up his statements. He pointed to a statement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services confirming that under President Trump’s leadership, a plan was implemented to cap insulin prices at $35 a month. This plan was a significant step in making essential medication more affordable for Americans in need.

Furthermore, Roberts highlighted how successful Trump’s insulin price cap plan was and noted that Biden’s subsequent $35 insulin cap was merely an extension of the groundwork laid by the previous administration. The facts clearly show that Trump initiated the efforts to lower insulin costs, despite Biden’s attempts to take credit for it.

It’s ironic that Biden, in his rush to erase all traces of Trump’s policies, even considered halting the insulin price cap plan. This move would have directly impacted the affordability of life-saving medication for many Americans, showcasing Biden’s willingness to prioritize politics over people’s well-being.

Overall, this incident exemplifies the Biden campaign’s readiness to spread deceptive information to suit their narrative. It’s essential to scrutinize such baseless attacks and hold politicians accountable for their actions, rather than allowing them to manipulate the facts for political gain.

Written by Staff Reports

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