Biden Crony Spreads Anti-Israel Poison at Yale!

Attention all freedom-loving patriots, gather ’round because the liberal madness at Yale University has reached new levels of insanity. Robert Malley, the notorious Biden lackey who is under FBI investigation, is now set to indoctrinate impressionable young minds with his anti-Israel agenda by teaching a course on Israel and Gaza. Can you believe it? The audacity!

This radical leftist, Malley, who was suspended and is currently under investigation by the FBI, has landed a cushy teaching gig at Yale University, teaching a course called “Contending with Israel-Palestine.” The course will undoubtedly push his pro-Iran, anti-Israel propaganda on the unsuspecting students.

What’s even more outrageous is the exclusive nature of this brainwashing operation. Students are required to conduct a personal interview with Malley, and the class is limited to just 18 students. This is textbook liberal elitism at its finest – handpicking impressionable students who will unquestioningly soak up Malley’s dangerous ideologies.

The readings for the course include a mix of anti-Israel and pro-Palestine voices, with works from Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish and former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. It’s clear that Malley’s goal is to present a one-sided narrative that demonizes Israel and glorifies Palestine.

It’s no surprise that Malley’s appointment as a professor at Yale drew outrage from Republican lawmakers. Senator Ted Cruz rightly called out the absurdity of it all, highlighting Malley’s pro-Iran radicalism and mishandling of classified documents. And yet, Yale shamelessly bestows him with the title of professor, completely disregarding the concerns of patriotic Americans.

It’s time to stand up against this liberal brainwashing at our universities. We can’t let Malley and his ilk poison the minds of our youth with their anti-American, anti-Israel rhetoric. It’s a sad day when institutions like Yale choose to prioritize leftist agendas over intellectual diversity and truth.


Written by Staff Reports

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