Biden Dodges Charges, Plays Houdini with Docs Drama!

In a shocking turn of events, it seems like President Joe Biden is about to get away scot-free after being caught red-handed with classified documents. You heard that right, folks! Despite being nabbed with top-secret materials, there will be no criminal charges filed against ol’ Joe. Isn’t it curious how the lefties always find a way to slip through the cracks?

Reports are surfacing that Special Counsel Robert Hur, who’s been sniffing around Biden’s mishandling of documents, isn’t planning to throw the book at him. According to CNN and the Wall Street Journal, none of Biden’s crew, not even his son Hunter, will be facing any legal trouble. It’s like they’re all getting a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

It’s a real head-scratcher, especially when you think back to the treatment of our beloved former President Trump. The way he’s being hounded for similar allegations is just plain unfair. They practically threw the book at him, and now he’s looking at a 2024 trial date. Talk about a double standard, folks!

But hold onto your hats, because there’s more to this wild ride! The House impeachment inquiry is still on Biden’s tail, yanking people in for interviews left and right. They’re not letting this one go! It’s like they’re determined to sniff out every last detail of Biden’s shoddy document handling. And who can blame them, right?

The Oversight Committee Chair, James Comer, is even sniffing around, requesting interviews with White House employees who might have seen Biden fumble with those classified tidbits. It’s like they’re trying to solve the biggest mystery of the century! With names like Annie Tomasini getting dragged into the spotlight, it’s like a real-life whodunit, except there’s just one suspect – and you can probably guess who it is.

But don’t hold your breath for any real consequences. Sure, they might wag a finger in Biden’s direction, but it’ll all fizzle out in the end. It’s like they’re giving him a slap on the wrist and sending him on his merry way. Ah, the wonders of politics!

Written by Staff Reports

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