Biden Dodges Charges, Senility Saves the Day in Classified Info Blunder

Undoubtedly, Joe Biden has once again demonstrated his Mr. Magoo-like incompetence, and it has been glaringly exposed in Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on the president’s bungling of classified information. Despite the clear evidence of mishandling, Biden won’t face any charges, not because he’s innocent, but because he’s too senile to even comprehend the impact of his actions. This has understandably led to a nightmarish situation for the president’s aides and incited the liberal media into a frenzy, with many irate over the report’s portrayal of Biden as aloof. However, let’s take a moment to calm down, as Hur has indeed outlined mitigating circumstances, as required by law. But since mental health is on the table, even Biden himself has acknowledged that his vitality is fair game for scrutiny.

Going back to 2018, during an interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell, Biden openly admitted that it was reasonable for Americans to question his physical and mental capabilities when he said, “Can I still run up the steps of Air Force Two? Am I still in good shape? Do I have all my faculties? Am I energetic?” It’s crystal clear, Joe, that you are not up to the task, and it’s no surprise that a whopping 86 percent of Americans believe you are simply too old to be president. It’s an insurmountable obstacle, made even more challenging by your evasive behavior towards the press. Desperately trying to tackle this, Biden’s team is petrified at the prospect of putting him in the public eye. The fact that Biden backed out of an interview with CBS News on Super Bowl Sunday speaks volumes about the lack of confidence his aides have in his ability to avoid a disastrous senior moment.

It’s probable that they’ll wait for some time to pass before parading him out again, but the damning Hur Report is not going to fade into obscurity. Let’s not forget, Biden’s age is still an issue, as evidenced by his inability to recall when his son passed away. Even Biden himself has raised concerns about his vitality, so why not agree to a cognitive test? Of course, he won’t entertain that idea, opting instead to sweep his mental deficiencies under the rug.

Written by Staff Reports

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