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Biden DOOMED for 2024? Michelle Obama Gaining Traction with Dems as Replacement

Some believe Joe Biden will only serve one term, and support is growing for Michelle Obama as a potential candidate for 2024.

Though Biden is the sitting president, there are some who believe he will only serve one term and that former First Lady Michelle Obama is the best choice for 2024.

Most political analysts agree that if Joe Biden runs for a second term (and his statements strongly suggest he will), it will be a short-lived campaign.

He has said repeatedly that he will run for re-election—a sentiment shared by nearly every sitting president in American history.

Michelle Obama was one of Joe Biden’s most effective surrogates during the 2020 presidential campaign leading up to the election, and now momentum is growing for her to be on the ticket in 2024.

As momentum builds for a Michelle Obama presidential run in 2024, it is important to remember exactly how effective she was during the last election cycle and why she would be so powerful if she decided to run for president next time around

First and foremost, Michelle has an ability to communicate with people who aren’t necessarily familiar with politics or are turned off by politics altogether.

She is known for speaking frankly about issues that affect everyday Americans without making anyone feel judged or defensive. In addition, people often question whether or not they should vote because they feel like they don’t know enough (or anything) about politics; Michelle’s approachable style makes her appear trustworthy to voters who are intimidated by political discourse but still want their voices heard

In addition to being relatable and approachable in interviews and speeches alike, Michelle also has a long history of fundraising success—both for herself when campaigning against Barack Obama during his first bid for president back in 2007/2008 as well as others

If Michelle Obama were to run in 2024, polls show she’d have a lot of support behind her—including from people who don’t typically support Democratic candidates and candidates of color.

According to an April survey by Quinnipiac University, about one-third of respondents view the former first lady favorably; another third view her unfavorably; and the remaining third are neutral.

But among those who know her best, there’s even more love: More than 70 percent said they had a favorable impression of Obama, while only 25 percent said they did not like her.

Among white men with college degrees (a major voting bloc), 44 percent said they had a favorable opinion of Obama—which is higher than any other female candidate from either party has ever polled at this early stage in their campaigns.

This suggests that if she were to run for president, she might win over at least some new voters who usually vote Republican but might be willing to cross party lines if it meant electing someone like themselves into office (i.e., black).

But there’s a good reason to think that she won’t follow through with it: she doesn’t want to.

In the past few years, Michelle Obama has become quite popular as a public figure. Her book Becoming sold more than 2 million copies on its first day of publication in November 2018

But despite all this popularity—and perhaps because of it—she has repeatedly ruled out running for president or any other office in 2020 or 2024.

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