Human Smuggling Charges Brought Against Immigration Judge in Federal Court

In Kinney County, Texas, Timothy Daniel Japhet was taken into custody and accused with smuggling a human and resisting arrest. These crimes were allegedly committed by Japhet.

On Saturday, an immigration magistrate who had been nominated by the federal government and a licensed Texas attorney were both taken into custody on suspicion of trafficking migrants and resisting arrest.

Timothy Daniel Japhet was apprehended and charged with smuggling of a human and resisting arrest in Kinney County, Texas, according to Galveston County Constable Jimmy Fullen. These offenses were allegedly committed by Japhet. Fullen announced the news on his Facebook page, along with images of Japhet and the four persons he was charged of smuggling across the border between the United States and Mexico.

According to the website for the Texas Bar, Japhet is still "qualified to practice" and has had his license from the year 2003. His primary place of business is in Corpus Christi, and the areas of law in which he focuses include energy resource law, business law, environmental law, and government and administrative law. There is no indication that he practices immigration law in any capacity. In 1998, he received his law degree from South Texas College of Law.

In the year 2020, Japhet was also involved in some controversy. This occurred when, in the midst of the commotion following the death of George Floyd while still being held down by Minneapolis police officers, Japhet made the shocking assertion that the man who was identified as Floyd had did die three years prior, and he knew this because he was Floyd's lawyer. Floyd had died whilst also being held down by Minneapolis police officers.

What is the name of the deceased man whose likeness is being used? When did he pass away, exactly three years ago, in this city of Corpus Christi? asked Japhet in a post on Facebook, which led to the proliferation of conspiracy theories. He did attend Texas A&I, he did end his life on the streets of this city, and he did pass away in this city. However he didn't die in Minnesota.

So what I'm telling you is that the man they claim to have died in Minneapolis at the hands of the police did not die there.

Even further, Japhet gave an interview in which he restated his allegations that the genuine George Floyd had passed away a significant amount of time before Minneapolis was ever involved.

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