Biden Dumps Moderation for Radical Abortion Agenda!

In a surprising turn of events, Joe Biden, a former moderate-ish Democrat, has abandoned his long-held principles on abortion and embraced the extreme pro-abortion stance demanded by the Democratic party’s activist and donor class. The Hyde Amendment, which previously barred funding abortions with taxpayer dollars, was a red line for Biden. However, he has since cast it aside to adhere to the rigid abortion dogma in Democratic presidential politics.

As president, Biden has endorsed truly radical abortion-on-demand legislation, going far beyond the boundaries set by Roe v. Wade. His support for the ‘Women’s Health Protection Act,’ which sought to establish a nationwide regime of legalized abortion for all nine months of pregnancy, was so extreme that even some consistently pro-choice Republican Senators couldn’t stomach it. This extreme support for abortion-on-demand is deeply unpopular among the public and is viewed as a truly repugnant and radical position.

Recently, Biden made a perplexing statement referencing Roe v. Wade’s trimester-based system, indicating a possible shift back towards a more moderate position on abortion. While this may seem like a move towards the center, it’s likely a misguided attempt at aligning with mainstream public opinion. Given the nature of abortion politics on the Left, it’s probable that these comments will be walked back in some form, as they directly contradict Biden’s previously vocal support for radical abortion policies.

Biden’s recent remarks on abortion are significant and warrant further questioning from journalists, but with his team’s apparent reluctance to subject him to rigorous interviews, it remains to be seen whether he will face the scrutiny and push for detailed follow-up questions. This surprising development suggests a potential pivot towards a more sensible stance on abortion, but given the political climate, it’s unlikely to signal a genuine shift in Biden’s extreme position.

Written by Staff Reports

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