Biden Faces Silent Protests at Morehouse Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict Debate

President Biden faced pushback from some students while speaking at the Morehouse College commencement. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has sparked protests at colleges across the country, with some students expressing their discontent during the President’s speech. President Biden has condemned violent protests at other universities, but he also acknowledged the anti-Israel protests during his remarks at Morehouse College, emphasizing his support for peaceful, nonviolent demonstrations and expressing a willingness to listen to protesters’ voices.

During his address, President Biden discussed the war in Gaza and called for an immediate ceasefire, stressing the importance of ending the fighting and bringing home the hostages held by Hamas. He also emphasized the need for a lasting peace in the region. However, as he spoke, some Morehouse College graduates turned their backs on him in what appeared to be a silent protest, and a student reportedly held up a Palestinian flag during the President’s speech.

Despite these displays of dissent, President Biden was able to deliver his speech without any audible protests disrupting the event. The Biden administration has faced criticism for its approach to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, particularly regarding its response to the Israel Defense Force’s proposed operation in Rafah, the final Hamas stronghold.

The protests at Morehouse College highlight the deep divisions and strong emotions surrounding the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and President Biden’s handling of the situation. As tensions continue to escalate, it is clear that this issue remains a point of contention for many Americans, especially among college students.

Written by Staff Reports

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