Biden Flees to Beach as Family Scandals Ignite City Heat!

President Joe Biden is taking a break from his grueling schedule of “mumbling” through speeches to head off to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for an extended vacation. The president, who is known for his limited availability and lack of transparency, will be enjoying a ten-day beach getaway at his beach house. This comes just weeks after his previous beach vacation, showing that he really knows how to take it easy while the country is facing numerous challenges. But hey, who needs a strong leader when you can have a tan, right?

It’s no surprise that Biden wants to escape the pressures of the White House, especially after his son’s sweetheart plea deal fell apart. The president seems to have a habit of avoiding any accountability or tough questions from reporters, unlike his predecessor Donald Trump, who was always ready to engage with the media. Could it be that Biden is trying to hide something? It’s interesting to note that visitor logs for his properties in Delaware are not kept like they are for the White House. Maybe he doesn’t want any unwanted attention or scrutiny?

Fox Business host Stu Varney has suggested that now is the time for Biden to embrace the “basement strategy” and lay low as much as possible. Taking a long vacation to the beach house or Camp David would be the perfect solution to avoid any more controversies or scandals. Unfortunately for Biden, he can’t run away from his problems forever. The scandals involving his family and his administration will eventually catch up to him, and he will have to face the consequences.

It’s shocking to see just how much time President Biden has spent away from the White House. According to RNC Research, he has already spent over 350 days (nearly 40 percent of his presidency) on vacation away from the White House. While hardworking Americans are struggling with rising inflation, crime, and border issues, Biden is enjoying the good life on his beach vacations. It’s clear where his priorities lie, and it’s certainly not with the American people. It’s time for him to put down the sunscreen and get back to work.

Written by Staff Reports

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