Biden Gaffes, Harris Curses at Heritage Month Event

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris made an appearance together on Monday to give remarks on Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. However, some of Biden’s comments during the appearance raised eyebrows. At one point, Biden mentioned, “My name’s Joe Biden. I work for Kamala Harris. I asked her to be my VP because I knew I needed somebody smarter than me.” While intended for laughs, it may not have been the most appropriate topic for the president to bring up. Additionally, Biden struggled with the teleprompter and mispronounced Harris’ name, showing signs of confusion.

This is not the first time Biden has made awkward comments about Harris. From referring to her as the “actual president” to joking about why he chose her as his running mate, Biden’s comments have sometimes been uncomfortable. Furthermore, Biden’s struggles with the teleprompter are not new, as he is known to have faced challenges with reading from it on previous occasions.

Harris herself also made headlines on the same day for using explicit language during her speech at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative Leadership Summit. While speaking about overcoming obstacles, she used an expletive and encouraged kicking down doors. This speech may have also added to the attention on the administration’s remarks that day.

Overall, the appearance by the president and vice president received some criticism for the remarks made by both Biden and Harris. The use of explicit language by Harris and Biden’s awkward comments and struggles with the teleprompter have drawn attention and led to some uncomfortable moments during the event.

Written by Staff Reports

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