Biden Goes Low: Dubs Trump “Democracy Threat” Amid Ratings Dive

In a recent CNN panel discussion, the liberal elites are in a tizzy over President Biden’s plan to hammer former President Trump as a threat to democracy for his reelection strategy. Host Chris Wallace couldn’t believe it, asking, “Should Biden Go ‘Full Hitler on Trump?” Yes, you heard that right – they’re actually comparing Trump to Hitler! Can you believe the nerve of these people?

Biden is apparently making speeches about how Trump is a threat to democracy and claiming that the hate and extremism from the past hasn’t gone away. It’s like they’re trying to scare everyone into thinking the world is ending! The panelists were divided on the approach, with some saying it’s way too early for this kind of negative campaigning. But let’s be real, folks. We all know the real reason for Biden’s aggressive tactics – his approval ratings are tanking faster than a lead balloon!

The New York Times’ Lulu Garcia-Navarro couldn’t help but point out Biden’s plummeting poll numbers and asked if he’s even seen the light of day recently. And then, to top it off, The Dispatch’s Jonah Goldberg chimed in, saying that Biden’s strategy is just going to be background noise by the time the general election rolls around. It’s like they’re just shouting into the wind and hoping someone will listen!

Of course, the real kicker is that Biden’s approval rating is at a dismal 38 percent, with a whopping 58 percent disapproval rating. Ouch! It’s no wonder they’re resorting to such desperate measures. The Manhattan Institute’s Reihan Salam even said it himself, calling it a “desperate maneuver from someone who had a failed presidency.” But hey, I guess when you’re down in the dumps, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to try to climb your way out. Good luck with that, Biden! It looks like you’ll need it.

Written by Staff Reports

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