Stephanopoulos Crusades Against Trump 2024 in Biased On-Air Tirade

The latest Liberal Media Scream is off the charts, as George Stephanopoulos, the former Clinton lackey turned ABC host, took it upon himself to play judge, jury, and executioner in the case of Donald Trump’s potential run in 2024. The bias dripped off the screen as Stephanopoulos grilled his panel about efforts in some states to bar Trump from the ballots, all while conveniently sidestepping the fact that voters should be the ones making this decision, not partisan state officials.

The Sunday show This Week turned into a full-blown anti-Trump crusade, with one panelist even suggesting that the Supreme Court will inevitably rule against Trump, leaving it up to Congress – conveniently dominated by Democrats – to erase Trump’s name from the ballots. Stephanopoulos, playing the role of the lead prosecutor, asserted that there’s simply no way Trump could be qualified to run for office if he’s accused of engaging in insurrection. Even Donna Brazile, a former acting Democratic Party chairwoman, chimed in to pat Stephanopoulos on the back, fully agreeing with his biased stance.

Then, in a completely one-sided discussion, the senior editor of The Dispatch, Sarah Isgur, predicted that the Supreme Court would overturn state decisions and declare Trump eligible for the ballots. The conversation conveniently circled back to Congress having the final say, effectively ignoring the will of the people.

Brent Baker of the Media Research Center hit the nail on the head, calling out Stephanopoulos for unabashedly taking the Democratic side and forsaking any pretense of journalistic integrity. This is just another prime example of the media’s ongoing battle to deny the American people their right to choose their preferred candidate. It’s clear that Stephanopoulos has chosen his side, and it’s certainly not the side of democracy.

This five-screamer Liberal Media Scream is a testament to the biased and partisan nature of the liberal media, with Stephanopoulos leading the charge against Trump and his supporters. If only the mainstream media would devote as much energy to impartial reporting as they do to pushing partisan agendas.

Written by Staff Reports

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