Biden Muddles WW2 Facts in Latest Dig at Trump, Questions of Intent Arise

President Biden was in the news again, this time for telling a story about his uncle’s death in World War II that didn’t match the official record and making a dig at former President Trump. The president mentioned that his uncle got shot down in an area with cannibals in New Guinea, but official reports from the Pentagon show that his uncle’s plane’s engines failed, and the crash wasn’t related to hostile fire or cannibals. The story was retold in Pittsburgh, and Biden used it as a platform to attack Trump again.

The establishment media and fact-checkers caught the discrepancies in Biden’s story, highlighting that his repeated misstatements regarding the military service of family members, including his uncle Frank, are a pattern. The president’s remarks raised questions about whether his misstatements were due to a poor memory as he has previously been described, or if there was a more calculated intent behind them. Biden’s attack on Trump linked to his uncle’s story suggested a more deliberate motive, casting doubt on the authenticity of his words.

The article also includes a message asking for support from readers to fight against Big Tech and the establishment media, painting the 2024 election as a crucial turning point for the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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