Biden Official Admits The Trump Spy Balloon Narrative Is Just A Lie

According to a Biden official, the US government learned about the existence of Chinese spy balloons during the Trump Administration.

Following the incident involving a Chinese spy balloon in the US, various media outlets reported that Donald Trump allowed the balloon to pass through the country multiple times.

This claim was immediately disproved by the Biden administration.

"According to a report by Fox News, the information about the Chinese spy balloon was discovered after Trump left office."

A senior official from the US revealed on Sunday that the country's intelligence agencies have been aware of the presence of Chinese spy balloons in the US for at least three years.

Fox News reported that the information about the balloon was discovered after Trump's term ended.

"The official noted that the Chinese spy balloons were able to go undetected."

"They noted that the balloons were part of a fleet of unmanned aircraft that China's People's Liberation Army uses to carry out surveillance operations. These activities, which violate the sovereignty of other nations, are often carried out at the direction of their military."

"The official noted that the US was not able to detect the Chinese spy balloons during the time that they were deployed."

Richard Grenell, who was the acting director of the US National Intelligence, also denied the report about the incident involving the Chinese spy balloon.

In a piece published on Forbes, Matt Novack claimed that the Chinese spy balloon was able to fly over the US during Trump's term.

The article was poorly sourced and was not able to provide any concrete evidence supporting its claims.

On Sunday, Grenell denied the report and accused the Biden administration of pushing false information.

"He referred to the report as a lie and claimed that the Trump administration allowed the Chinese spy balloon to fly over the country. He also demanded that the Department of Defense tell the truth and accused Jake Sullivan, the US' foreign policy adviser, of lying."

John Ratcliffe, a former official from the US National Intelligence, also denied the report during an interview on Maria Bartiromo's show on Fox News.

"Ratcliffe noted that the report was incorrect, as the Chinese government did not send three balloons into the US during the Trump administration. He said the incident was the first time that it happened. He also suggested that the Biden administration compromised with the security detail of the US."

Many people are outraged by Biden's inaction after he allowed the Chinese spy balloon to monitor the US.

Jack Keane, a retired four-star general, criticized Biden's inaction during an appearance on Fox News.

During his appearance on Fox News, Keane praised the US military for shooting down the Chinese spy balloon, which was flying over South Carolina.

"Keane noted that the balloon was flying over the ocean when it was spotted by the US military. The US had plenty of warning and had been tracking it since it entered the Pacific Ocean. But, instead of taking it down, the military decided to launch an operation from the east coast."


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