Biden Panics Over Hunter Saga, Aides Too Scared to Whisper ‘Prodigal Son’!

President Biden seems to be fixated on the news coverage surrounding his son Hunter’s legal troubles, according to CNN pundit John Avlon. Avlon claims that White House aides are hesitant to bring up the topic with the President because they fear it will only irritate him. Avlon also mentions that Biden is preoccupied with the negative coverage of his son, and it’s understandable but not something his allies want to discuss.

Interestingly, campaign meetings also tend to avoid the subject of Hunter Biden. A senior aide revealed that Hunter is not a topic of discussion in strategy sessions. It seems like the Biden administration wants to steer clear of any mention of Hunter and his legal woes.

Former Obama White House adviser David Axelrod believes that the Biden administration would prefer for the Hunter Biden case to disappear before the upcoming elections. Unfortunately for Biden, that seems unlikely. The House Oversight Committee has been diligently investigating Hunter, and they have come across some significant evidence that has even Democrats concerned.

Biden’s approval ratings continue to dwindle as more evidence emerges of his involvement in Hunter’s questionable business dealings. The RedState publication has reported various revelations, including explosive text messages from 2018 that debunk Joe Biden’s claim of keeping his distance from Hunter’s affairs. The publication has also provided details of financial records and business partnerships involving Joe and Hunter Biden.

It’s no wonder President Biden is obsessed with the news coverage of Hunter. The situation seems to get worse by the day. Even the biased mainstream media has been forced to pay attention and acknowledge that Biden’s previous explanations are unconvincing. Despite Biden’s desire to avoid discussing the matter, it seems like the Hunter Biden saga will continue to make headlines.

Written by Staff Reports

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