Biden Pressures Israel on Gaza Strategy, Withholds US Aid Amid Tensions

President Biden has been engaging in secretive attempts to exert influence over Israel for quite some time now. He has been utilizing his foreign policy expertise to try to sway the Israelis on their operations in Gaza, particularly their plans for the Hamas stronghold in Rafah. However, his efforts have not been successful, and the threat of pulling US support from Israel has emerged.

Biden has been advocating for a targeted dismantling of the terror group, while expressing concerns about heavy Israeli military actions due to potential harm to civilians. The Israeli Defense Forces have been urging Palestinian civilians to evacuate the area and have made multiple ceasefire offers to Hamas, all of which were rejected. As a result, the US is withholding military aid as the IDF begins its initial phase of the Rafah operation.

In an attempt to prevent a full-scale invasion of Rafah, the Biden administration has offered valuable assistance to Israel, such as providing intelligence on the location of Hamas leaders and tunnels, as well as support in constructing shelters, tent cities, and delivery systems for food, water, and medicine for displaced Palestinians. President Biden and his aides have been making these offers to encourage Israel to conduct a more limited and targeted operation in Rafah, but Israel’s commitment to an extensive military action has caused concern at the White House.

The US also tried to broker a ceasefire deal in Cairo without involving the Israelis, but Hamas agreed to the deal prematurely, leading to its rejection by Israel. This diplomatic setback has strained relations between the US and Israel further.
Overall, the conservative perspective on this issue questions the effectiveness of President Biden’s efforts and emphasizes Israel’s independence in making decisions regarding its security and military actions.

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