Biden Revamps Asylum Rules Ahead of 2024, Echoes Trump-era Ideas

President Joe Biden and his crew are attempting to tweak the asylum rules to avoid letting in more not-so-friendly criminal migrants into the United States before the big 2024 election. The proposed rule change has the administration getting some positive press, and Team Biden is using it to try and give the President’s gloomy approval ratings a boost. The White House spin is all about looking tough on illegal border crossings to win over voters.

But hold your horses, the reality check is in, folks! The Associated Press says the tweak isn’t going to affect a big chunk of migrants who wouldn’t have qualified for asylum anyway. And guess what? This isn’t a shiny new idea – the Trump team thought of it first! Former immigration judge now turned immigration expert, Andrew Arthur, hints that maybe – just maybe – the Biden crew is realizing they might have goofed by releasing some shady characters into the country. Oops!

Let’s talk about a real-life horror story – the murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley. The accused killer, who was an illegal alien, slipped through the cracks, thanks to a little thing called “detention capacity.” It’s like giving a free pass to someone who shouldn’t have even been in line in the first place! The Biden administration’s policy of catch-and-release is like playing Russian roulette with our safety, folks.

The White House is painting a rosy picture of their border strategy, but the truth is, it’s a hot mess. Crime is on the rise, and not just any crime – violent crime. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories of people being mugged and attacked in their own neighborhoods. The Biden administration’s lax approach to immigration is creating chaos and putting American lives at risk.

This whole asylum system needs a serious reality check. The current process is like playing a game where the rules are rigged in favor of those who shouldn’t even be playing. We need common sense reforms that put the safety and security of Americans first. It’s time to stop the madness at the border and start enforcing the laws to protect our communities from dangerous criminals who have no business being here. Let’s put America first and make our borders secure again!

Written by Staff Reports

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