Biden Seeks Hollywood Help for SOTU: Desperate or Just Delusional?

In a stunning display of desperation, Joe Biden’s team decided to turn to Hollywood for advice on his upcoming State of the Union address. Yes, you heard that right! The same Joe Biden who claims to be the savior of America wants tips on looking presidential from actors who played presidents on TV. Can you believe the audacity?

Morgan Freeman, Bill Pullman, and Michael Douglas were some of the celebrities featured in the cringe-worthy video chat, offering their pearls of wisdom to the supposedly leader of the free world. It’s like watching a bad comedy sketch unfold before your eyes, but sadly, it’s the reality of Biden’s presidency.

Not to mention, the fact that Biden’s team thought this stunt was a good idea is mind-boggling. Even Ric Grenell, a former acting DNI under Trump, couldn’t hide his disbelief at the spectacle. It’s no wonder that many are questioning the competence of the White House advisors who greenlit this embarrassing display.

Let’s face it, no amount of Hollywood glitz and glamour can mask the fact that Joe Biden is past his prime. At 80 years old, he struggles to appear coherent and strong, essential qualities for a world leader. Trying to prop him up with gimmicks and gimmicky alliances won’t change the fact that he’s simply not up to the task.

As much as we love our seniors, we wouldn’t want them running the country. It’s a demanding role that requires peak mental and physical capabilities, something Biden sorely lacks. The sad truth is that no amount of celebrity cameos or staged productions can hide the fact that Joe Biden is not fit to lead.

So, while Biden’s team scrambles to create illusions of competence, voters see through the facade. Poll after poll reveals doubts about Biden’s mental acuity and ability to govern effectively. The reality is clear – Biden’s presidency is a farce, propped up by smoke and mirrors in a desperate attempt to mask his shortcomings. And voters won’t be fooled.

Written by Staff Reports

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