Biden Snaps at Reporters, Hides Corruption & Fitness Doubts?

President Joe Biden never misses an opportunity to lash out at reporters who dare to ask him difficult questions. In his latest outburst, he called a New York Post reporter’s question about an FBI document “dumb.” Biden is clearly scared of being exposed for his illegal actions and corruption. His frequent outbursts have only increased with increasing investigations into his family’s shady dealings.

During the G7 Summit, Biden told a reporter to “shush up” when asked about debt ceiling negotiations. He later fell down the stairs, raising concerns about his physical fitness. And, when CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked him about Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Biden accused her of putting words in his mouth and said she was in the “wrong business.” These outbursts suggest that Biden is not mentally fit to run the country.

Many have speculated that Biden may be suffering from dementia. This is concerning as his frequent slips of the tongue and lack of memory can be linked to aggressive verbal behavior such as swearing or shouting. However, the White House doctors have deemed him in the best shape of his life.

It’s clear that Biden cannot handle tough questions and often resorts to anger and aggression, showing his flaws as a leader and his fear of being exposed for his corrupt actions. The country deserves a leader who can handle the tough questions and has the mental fitness to lead us forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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