Leftist Realtor’s “Rainbow Escape” Dramatically Overblown: Exposing the Farce

In yet another instance of leftist hysteria, a Texas realtor has launched a service called “Flee Red States” to help members of the LGBTQ+ community escape from states with laws they disagree with. The service has assisted a grand total of 27 people in finding new homes, which pales in comparison to the influx of migrants that states like Texas and Florida are experiencing. The fact is that Governor Abbott himself has stated that Texas is a very welcoming state and that his policies have made the state the leading destination for moving families. Despite this, the left continues to push the false narrative that their marriages, families, and even their safety are at risk due to laws that protect children and women in sports.

The real kicker, however, comes from the overtly dramatic language used by “Flee Red States.” They refer to their service as a “rainbow Underground Railroad,” which is not only wildly inappropriate, but also completely ahistorical. The comparison is an insult to the truly oppressed individuals who were forced to flee their homes during periods of slavery and genocide. It is also laughable that this service is supposedly “quietly” helping people escape when they openly talk about it to the media.

Furthermore, one has to question the ethics of the Dallas-based broker, Bob McCranie. Is he really providing this service out of the kindness of his heart, or is he simply seeking to profit from the scared and misinformed? It is doubtful that he is forgoing his broker fees while helping these people find new homes, which calls into question his true intentions.

In the end, the left’s performative activism is nothing but a farce. Its adherents are so focused on their ideological purity that they are willing to abandon their homes and communities in order to find places that align with their beliefs. Instead of trying to work together and find common ground, they would rather retreat to different corners of the country. It is a shameful display of intolerance and a clear demonstration that the left is more interested in division than unity.

Written by Staff Reports

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