Biden Bows to China: Xi Laughs as US Dignity Crumbles in Philly Fiasco

On Saturday, a contentious battle unfolded in Philadelphia, PA, as Joe Biden and Sen. John Fetterman vied to prove their competence in their respective roles. Prior to their press conference, President Biden faced questions about US-China tensions while aboard Air Force One. His response was not only surprising but also deeply embarrassing.

Biden asserted that the Chinese spy balloon, which traversed a significant portion of the continental United States, was an unintended occurrence, and the Chinese Communist Party leadership had no knowledge of its purpose. He stated, "[…] I believe that the leadership was unaware of its whereabouts, its contents, and its activities."

Unfortunately, this shameless and deceptive acquiescence to the Chinese dictatorship seems to have yielded no positive results. When Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited China for talks on Sunday, the CCP humiliated him. Typically, during high-profile diplomatic visits, foreign counterparts are received with great ceremony and respect. However, Blinken was met by a low-ranking official and received no grand reception, all because the CCP perceives Biden as weak and ineffective.

The United States now appears to be operating as a subservient state to a genocidal regime that seeks to expand its influence worldwide. This situation raises concerns, particularly considering Biden's family's questionable business dealings with China. The current US approach to the China relationship is undeniably perilous, and the president seems ill-prepared to address it. Xi Jinping must be finding amusement in Biden's actions.

It's worth noting that the opinions expressed in this news article belong to the author and not One might reasonably speculate that this entire situation could have been avoided if the current administration had been firmer and more assertive in their dealings with China.

Written by Staff Reports

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