Biden Stumbles as Voters Yearn for Trump’s Economic Mastery

Ahead of the 2024 November election, American voters' attention remains primarily focused on the economy's condition and the alarming matter of inflation. Do you know what? President Joe Biden is undoubtedly experiencing heat. Voters are increasingly inclined to return to the era when former and potentially future President Donald Trump presided over these crucial matters, according to poll after poll. What a stinker, right?

A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll revealed that 35 percent of voters have transitioned their attention from inflation to immigration as their primary concern. Immigration was cited with the same level of disquiet by 32 percent of voters. The most recent Cygnal poll further cast doubt on Biden when it found that "illegal immigration" and "inflation and the economy" are tied for the top spot among voters' concerns, with 27.1% and 25% of respondents expressing concern about each, respectively. That is a tiebreaker in opposition to Bidenomics!

Team Biden was further humiliated by the poll's in-depth examination of the immigration issue. Voters were requested to indicate their level of agreement with a specific statement, and the outcomes were, to put it mildly, unfavorable for Biden. A significant proportion of respondents (44.9 percent) selected the statement "The United States should be permitted to deport individuals who enter illegally and must enforce its current immigration laws." Face-to-face with Biden!

The kicker was that according to the results of the poll, a mere 9.5 percent of respondents supported Biden's open borders and "come one, come all" stance. In contrast, a proportion of 24.5 percent supported the decision to halt immigration until the border crisis is resolved, whereas 16.3 percent advocated for a smoother path to citizenship. It appears Biden's approach of "welcome everyone in" and "let's all hold hands" is not sitting well with the American people.

Chris Lane, a pollster, delivered the bombshell when he revealed that the proportion of Democrats who believe border control should be eliminated entirely has almost doubled to 18 percent. Who knew Democrats were such ardent admirers of Biden's "extravaganza on open borders"?

Furthermore, it is pertinent to discuss the unprecedented measure taken by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to defend his state from the onslaught of illegal immigration—a razor-sharp fence, if you will—instead of being timid. In response to a Cygnal poll question regarding support for Abbott's razor-sharp wire efforts to secure the southern border, respondents revealed the following. Abbott was adored by an overwhelming 59.8 percent of respondents, whereas 32.1 percent opposed his extremely proactive measures. A significant proportion of Democrats, specifically 31%, express support for Abbott's straightforward strategy in safeguarding his state. Apologies, Biden, but even within your own party, it appears that you are losing footing.

Let us now discuss the final nail in Biden's coffin. The inclination of electors towards one political party over the other with regard to border security is unequivocal. Voters are divided into two camps: the Republican Party is favored by 47.5 percent, the Democrats by 32.2 percent, and neither party by a negligible 15.1 percent. It appears that the Republicans are primarily responsible for this border security triumph, while the Democrats merely provide supporting roles.

However, there is more! A staggering 63 percent of voters, according to the survey, believe the nation is headed in the incorrect direction. An enormous red flag has been raised by the Biden camp. Moreover, Trump is beginning to gain ground on Biden, who has 45.8 percent support compared to 47 percent for him. Trump maintains his winning streak as he obtains support from independents in comparison to Biden. In addition to exhibiting greater interest in the election, the Republican constituency is demonstrating greater vigor than their Democratic counterparts.

Furthermore, are you wondering what else? Regarding immigration, Biden's approach is akin to the Titanic submerging once more. According to RealClearPolling, a staggering 63 percent of respondents disapprove of Biden's management of the issue, while a pitiful 32.2 percent support it. Comparable to the melancholy trombone that quietly echoes beneath Biden's immigration endeavors. However, Biden is reportedly considering issuing an executive order regarding immigration. It's possible that he's coming to terms with the dire circumstances he finds himself in, but it seems more probable that he's simply attempting to shift the responsibility to the Republicans, particularly Trump. That must be a Biden move, eh?

It is important to not overlook the negative impact that Biden's decision to suspend border wall construction and end the emergency at the southern border on the first day of his presidency had. Presently, as he struggles to negotiate a complex border bill, he is desperately attempting to deflect responsibility while pointing fingers at Trump and the Republicans. However, regrettably, Vice President Biden, your feeble efforts at damage control and political maneuvering will not alter the fact that you failed to adequately address the border crisis. It is probable that Biden's immigration vessel has set sail and is rapidly encountering resistance. And remember, there are repercussions to elections; therefore, do not claim we failed to warn you!

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