Biden Targets Major Christian Univ in FTC Smackdown!

The Biden Administration has been making waves again, and this time they’re setting their sights on Christian and conservative folks. Yeah, you heard that right! It’s like they’ve got a checklist, and targeting these groups is at the tippity-top.

So, what’s the latest drama? Well, President Joe Biden’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has gone and filed a lawsuit against Grand Canyon University, which just so happens to be the biggest Christian university in the whole dang United States. And get this, it’s not the first time a Biden-related agency has come after this school. Nope, it’s the second punch in just a few months! It’s like they’re tag-teaming with the ultimate goal of taking down this Christian institution.

What’s their beef with Grand Canyon University, you ask? The FTC is accusing them of being sneaky snakes with their advertising, saying they’ve been pretending to be a nonprofit and fibbing about the cost of their doctoral programs. The FTC claims they didn’t spill the beans about the extra moolah students would have to shell out for these so-called “continuation courses,” which supposedly hike up the price of getting a degree by thousands of dollars.

But wait, there’s more! The lawsuit also throws shade at the school for apparently bombarding folks with unwanted telemarketing calls. Like, seriously? Can’t a Christian university catch a break? The Department of Education also piled on Grand Canyon University with a whopping $37.7 million fine last October for allegedly fibbing about their doctoral program costs.

But here’s the kicker. The university is not taking all this heat lying down. Nope, they’re firing back and saying this whole mess is nothing but a big ol’ witch hunt. The school’s president, Brian Mueller, straight-up called it a “fishing expedition.” And let’s be real, with all the issues plaguing higher education, it’s downright mind-boggling that the feds have got their bullseye on a Christian school that’s actually doing some good in the world.

The university’s not backing down, though. They’re making it crystal clear that they see right through this whole charade and are calling out the Biden Administration for having some kind of hidden agenda. And you know what? They’ve got a point! It’s like they’re being singled out while other places in the higher education world are skating by without a care in the world. Makes you wonder what the real story is here, doesn’t it?

Written by Staff Reports

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