Iowa AG Backs Blue: Thugs Attacking Cops Face Hard Time!

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird is standing up for our brave law enforcement officers and first responders by pushing for tougher penalties for those low-life criminals who dare to attack them. Bird is urging lawmakers to pass a bill that will crush these thugs with stiffer punishments, because in her words, “law enforcement doesn’t get the respect they deserve, certainly not from convicted criminals or those they place under arrest.”

Under Bird’s proposed bill, anyone who has the audacity to assault a first responder or law enforcement officer with a weapon will be looking at up to 10 years in the slammer, thanks to the upgrade from a “D” felony to a “C” felony. And guess what? If these scumbags are planning to cause serious bodily harm, they’re looking at the same fate – a nice 10-year stay in prison. 

Bird is also setting her sights on those disgusting individuals who think it’s okay to spit at our law enforcement and first responders. She’s adding spitting to the list of bodily fluids that constitute an assault against jailers or corrections staff. You spit at our heroes, and you’ll be spending up to two years behind bars, because that’s what happens when you show such disrespect to the men and women who keep our streets safe.

Bird’s common-sense proposal has got a lot of people nodding in agreement, and it’s about time someone took a stand against these delinquents who think they can just go around assaulting our real-life heroes. 

Written by Staff Reports

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