Biden Uses Dobbs Anniversary to Blame Trump for Abortion Bans

In a colorful display of desperation, President Biden took to the airwaves on Monday, using the second anniversary of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision to attack former President Donald Trump. Biden, never one to miss an opportunity to deflect from his own administration’s failures, declared Trump the “sole person responsible” for various states’ abortion restrictions.

Biden’s video message, filled with dramatic tones and finger-pointing, centered on Trump’s social media boasts about the downfall of Roe v. Wade. The president, who seems increasingly fixated on his predecessor, lamented that “decades of progress” were undone simply because Trump spent four years in the Oval Office. It’s quite the stretch for Biden, who appears to have forgotten that Supreme Court decisions are based on constitutional interpretations rather than social media rants.

In typical Democratic fashion, they are fuming over the Dobbs decision while gleefully weaponizing it against Trump and other Republican candidates. States, predominantly in the South and heartland, have indeed enacted a range of abortion restrictions following the 2022 ruling, thanks largely to the three justices appointed by Trump. Biden’s tirade paints these actions as “devastating,” all while conveniently ignoring the voices of pro-life Americans who have long advocated for state-level decisions on abortion.

But let’s not ignore the spectacle Biden’s team is preparing—a press conference in Georgia featuring none other than former “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. It seems Biden’s camp believes that celebrity endorsements might just be enough to make voters forget about inflation, border crises, and foreign policy blunders.

Trump, on the other hand, maintains that abortion decisions should be firmly in the hands of the states. He has steered clear of pushing for federal restrictions, which has irked some pro-life purists but remains steadfast in his belief that people should decide these issues. Trump’s consistent messaging resonates with those who value the principles of federalism and local governance over sweeping federal mandates.

Taking it a step further, Trump made an earnest appeal to pro-life evangelicals, urging them to vote out “Crooked Joe” in November. His straightforward, unvarnished call to action lays bare the stakes of the upcoming election, contrasting sharply with Biden’s alarmist rhetoric.

As Biden clings to the notion of reinstating Roe v. Wade protections and fans flames of fear by suggesting Republicans might target contraception next, he overlooks the glaring issues plaguing his presidency. The voters, as Trump succinctly puts it, are the ultimate deciders—and they are watching closely.

Written by Staff Reports

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