Kennedy Stages Virtual Debate as Trump and Biden Spar Again

As the political stage heats up, Donald Trump and Joe Biden continue their verbal brawl, setting the scene for yet another theatrical showdown on Thursday. Meanwhile, in a twist only the circus that is modern politics could conjure, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will engage in his own virtual debate—because why join the main event when you can just Photoshop yourself into it?

Front and center in this sideshow is Kennedy Jr.’s son, Bobby Kennedy III, grandly announcing their plans. Apparently, cardboard cutouts and virtual stand-ins are the new frontier of political discourse. Kennedy III promises an alternative debate, complete with real-time responses from his father and a couple of mystery candidates thrown in for good measure. It almost sounds like a late-night talk show sketch, but make it political.

Adding to the spectacle, Kennedy’s running mate, Nicole Shanahan, jumps into the fray with all the enthusiasm of a reality TV contestant spilling backstage gossip. She’s positioning their virtual debate as the real deal, calling out CNN’s “fake debate.” But let’s be clear: The Kennedy Campaign seems to believe that if you’re not in the room, you can still tilt the room your way from behind a computer screen. Bravo, folks.

This isn’t Kennedy’s first virtual rodeo. The campaign has been a digital whirlwind, with numerous social media and livestream appearances attempting to lure voters. This contrasts sharply with Trump and Biden, who rely on old-school, in-person rallies. So, while the big boys are shaking hands and kissing babies, Kennedy is busy going viral on TikTok.

Last week, Kennedy took to TikTok Live, fielding questions from influencers and discussing campaign issues in what felt more like a social media influencer Q&A than a serious policy discussion. Organized by Tiffany Cianci, who has previously hosted minor league political players like Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Chase Oliver, the event was predictably unconventional.

As the plan for Thursday remains unconfirmed by the Kennedy campaign—because keeping everyone guessing is half the fun—it’s clear Kennedy isn’t amused by his exclusion from CNN’s debate. He accuses Presidents Biden and Trump of plotting to keep him off the stage, calling their actions undemocratic and cowardly. One has to marvel at the gall; it’s almost as if he’s aiming for a Tony Award rather than the Oval Office.

For those not tuning into the sideshow of CNN’s debate, Kennedy’s campaign promises a slew of rallies and protests stretching from Boston to right outside the White House. They’ve also launched a petition demanding his inclusion in the debates, racking up over 219,000 signatures. Whether this will translate into actual influence remains to be seen, but heck, it’s another episode in the ongoing drama of Campaign Season 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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