GOP Reps Slam J6 Investigation as Soviet-Style Sham, Riggleman Claps Back

The establishment is at it again, openly flaunting their disdain for everyday Americans. It’s hard to tell if they’re just arrogantly overconfident or secretly quaking in their boots. Take, for instance, the House of Representatives’ laughable investigation into the January 6th Capitol incident. On Thursday, Rep. Josh Brecheen from Oklahoma took to the social media platform X to rightfully denounce the whole farce as a Soviet-style sham.

Brecheen also gave a well-deserved shoutout to Rep. Eric Burlison of Missouri for making moves to put an end to this witch hunt. Burlison introduced a GOP resolution to rescind subpoenas issued by this illegitimate committee to Trump administration officials. Naturally, the swamp creatures couldn’t wait to descend. Enter Denver Riggleman, a former Air Force intel officer and one-term wonder from Virginia who couldn’t keep up his congressional seat and found himself spit-roasting Rep. Brecheen on social media.

Riggleman’s bitter resentment spilled out as he ranted about anyone questioning the J6 investigation. His over-the-top sanctimony included laughable claims that the committee was investigating coordinated disinformation, legal maneuvering, and other sinister plots straight from the pages of a political thriller. The same guy who lost his Republican primary spot in 2020 and threw a tantrum about election integrity is now demanding everyone fall in line with his narrative.

Amid thumbs and hashtags, Riggleman even challenged another X user to a face-off, boasting about his military background. Sounds like someone’s insecure about the “technical advisor” gig on a committee taskforce instead of actually making a difference in office. Riggleman let loose, berating anonymous comments while hilariously asserting his own untouchability, only to then deny the same sort of protection to those daring to disagree with him.

Two years ago, this guy left the Republican fold while hurling insults about GOP voters and parroting establishment lies about the MAGA crowd. He griped about election fraud being the playground of Trump supporters, mocking them as if they couldn’t think for themselves. It reeks of a man either absolutely convinced of his unassailability or desperately afraid of what another Trump run might mean for his standing.

At best, Riggleman is delusional. At worst, he’s exactly the kind of elitist who freely doles out disdain for the American public while shamelessly showing off his ever-growing humility deficit. Either way, it’s clear: the establishment is desperate to keep the status quo and they’ll use any former Congressperson to further their flailing agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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