Biden’s New Aide Faces Backlash Over Anti-Police Tweets

Well, folks, it seems President Biden has yet another PR disaster on his hands. Tyler Cherry, the newly-minted associate communications director, is bathing in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. A little birdie on the internet dug up some of Cherry’s delightful old tweets, and let’s just say they aren’t exactly love letters to law enforcement.

Back in 2014 and 2015, Cherry was busy on Twitter crafting tweets that compared police forces to “slave patrols” and called for the abolishment of ICE. Nothing like a good old-fashioned radical tweet to spice up a resume for a communications director, right? One particularly heartwarming tweet during the Freddie Gray unrest wistfully prayed for an end to a “capitalistic police state.” Oh, the poetry!

This whole kerfuffle blew up right after Politico reported Cherry’s promotion from the communications director at the Interior Department to his shiny new role in the Biden Administration. Not exactly the fresh start he was hoping for, it seems. As those controversial tweets made their rounds, it sparked quite the heated debate online. Cancel culture, anyone?

In the face of this tweetstorm, Cherry issued a half-hearted mea culpa, saying his past social media rants don’t reflect his current views. Translation: Please don’t fire me! He assures the public that he’s now fully aligned with the Administration on their climate and environmental agendas. Because nothing screams environmental champion like comparing cops to slave patrols, right?

So, there you have it—another day, another leftist learning the hard way that Twitter is forever. It’s a good reminder to all aspiring D.C. insiders: when you aim for a job in the Biden Administration, it’s not just your résumé that gets reviewed; your Twitter history does too.

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